SCR Power Control Systems

SCR Pod Refurbishment

As part of our maintenance and service offerings for SCR systems, Zeefax is able to refurbish and repair SCR Pods commonly found within control systems.

  • Completed SCR Pod

  • Resistors and Capacitors replaced and the Pod fully re-wired

  • Machined Heat Sink to ensure excellent electrical contact

  • Fuses and Actuators checked and replaced

SCR Pod Refurbishment

Even given the relatively controlled working environment of typical SCR pods, the conditions can often cause deterioration to both electrical and mechanical performance, requiring removal of the unit from the system, followed by refurbishment and renovation.

During refurbishment, the pods are disassembled, checked and thoroughly cleaned; resistors and capacitors are replaced, and fuses, actuators and switches are checked and tested for operation, and replaced where necessary, and the pod is fully re-wired.

The heat sinks are inspected and if required, will be re-machined to ensure excellent electrical contact is maintained. Importantly, the SCR Thyristor ‘puck’ is replaced, and very special attention is given to the clamping torque and orientation.

When complete, a full quality inspection and electrical test is performed to ensure that the refurbished cell is in perfect working order prior to dispatch back to the owner.

Refurbish or Replace

We are also able to offer refurbished units, which can be held in stock for emergency spares or as replacements for units which are undergoing refurbishment at our factory.

If you would like to know more about availability of SCR pods, please call or email us, and we will be pleased to assist.