SCR Power Control Systems

Upgrades & Refurbishments

From obsolete component sourcing to fully re-engineered boards and modules, Zeefax can extend and give new life to legacy SCR systems.

  • P614 - Motor Unloaded Detector Card

  • P657 - CT Transition Board

  • P581 - Cap Unbalance and Ground Fault Board

  • P429 - Snubber Network Card

  • P399 - Ground Fault Board Mk3

  • P394 - Auxiliary Motor Control Board

  • P359 - Generator Exciter

  • P426 - Ground Fault Detection Board

Keep legacy system Operational

Many legacy SCR systems from Hill Graham Controls (HGC), or other manufacturers including Ross Hill, installed in the 1970s and 1980s, remain serviceable even though parts may have become obsolete or unrepairable.

As part of our acquisition of the Hill Graham Controls business, we also acquired significant quantities of components and boards which will allow us to keep legacy SCR systems fully operational.

Using our extensive experience and comprehensive proprietary database, Zeefax is able to provide original parts, as well as propose alternative solutions by identifying and sourcing suitable equivalents.

The result of this is that systems which depend on these parts have a new lease of life – an significant saving on the alternative solution, i.e. scrapping the existing generator control sections and completely re-fitting!