SCR Power Control Systems

Upgrading Legacy Systems

Zeefax has the engineering expertise and experience to design, build and install upgrades to existing Hill Graham Controls and Ross Hill Controls systems.

Re-engineered Controls Systems

After years of reliable service, many Hill Graham Controls (HGC) and Ross Hill Controls (RHC) systems remain serviceable even though parts have become obsolete or repairable. Following our acquisition of Hill Graham Controls, Zeefax is now able to fully support legacy systems, and can provide alternative solutions by identifying and sourcing equivalent parts for obsolete items, or by providing completely re-engineered products.

Additional Generating Capacity

Where additional generating capacity is required, we can conduct a detailed study and examine the feasibility of upgrading a system and follow that up with a modification and manufacturing program to complete the job.

Modern drilling practices often demand additional features or functionality which was not originally envisioned in older systems – for example, additional mud pumping capabilities are often required in modern installations. To that end, Zeefax can revitalise a rig by adding additional capability, such as a third Mud Pump with the associated add-on mini console.

Minimising Cost and Disruption

Add-on systems from Zeefax are carefully considered and designed to match closely with the existing legacy system, thereby minimising disruption and upgrade costs.

The result of this is that rigs and marine vessels which depend on these parts have a new and extended lease of life – often with a significant saving on the alternative solution.