SCR Power Control Systems

Total Rig Audit

As drilling rigs age, electrical systems may become unreliable and difficult to maintain. Simple electrical faults can cripple a drilling operation and even cause dangerous situations to arise. The costs can be huge and damaging, but may be avoidable.

Zeefax has developed a program to mitigate against unscheduled stoppages and breakdowns. It is a complete and holistic approach which aims to avoid stoppages but if they do occur, ensure that the resources are on hand to minimise the damage caused. This is the Total Rig Audit (TRA) by Zeefax and is carried out by our very specialised and highly experienced Field Service Engineers.

The Zeefax Total Rig Audit avoids downtime and ensures rig systems remain operational and reliable. Many Drilling Companies will invest in a completeRig Audit in the knowledge that it offers a comprehensive overview of the state of their rig, which can also be submitted for compliance and due diligence purposes.

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