SCR Power Control Systems

SCR System Health Checks

The Zeefax SCR System Health Check is designed to avoid down time and ensures rig systems remain operational and reliable.

The time to find out if your system is reliable is when operations are quiet – not during critical well operations – so the Zeefax SCR System Health Check is designed to identify potential weaknesses and either repair or replace immediately, or mitigate against these until a repair or replacement can be effected – usually at a quite time.

Zeefax can help you to perform a comprehensive health check, and propose a detailed scope of work designed to compliment and conform to your operation schedule; this means that any potential disruption is absolutely minimised.

Special Requirements

Zeefax understands that each rig or vessel has different circumstances and different requirements. Our engineers are able to tailor a maintenance schedule to suit any installation or operational constraints. Where special equipment is required, such as secondary injection test equipment for testing circuit breakers, Zeefax will arrange to have the equipment on site, and our technician will be competent in its use.

Expert SCR Bridge Health Check

For reliable operation, the contact between the SCR devices and the heatsinks must be as good as possible but over time, and especially in offshore installations, corrosion may attack the interface between the SCR device plating and the aluminium heatsink. If corrosion is present it takes an expert to decide if refurbishment is required because as long as the damage is minimal and the two elements remain undisturbed, the mutual corrosion may still maintain a good contact.

As part of the health check our engineer will do a sample inspection of the heatsinks and recommend a course of action based on experience and knowledge.

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