SCR Power Control Systems

Hill Graham & Ross Hill Controls

Following our acquisition of Hill Graham Controls Ltd in 2007, Zeefax is now in a unique position to offer complete and total support for all Hill Graham Controls (HGC) systems, and also for Ross Hill Controls (RHC), IPS and GE Micro Drill type SCR systems both in the UK and throughout the World.

  • Repair and calibration of Ross Hill and Hill Graham modules.

  • Expertise to repair and re-engineer legacy printed circuit boards.

  • Repair and prolong the life of special legacy modules.

  • Highly skilled and well-trained Engineers.

  • Modules and SCR Cells fully refurbished in the UK.

Servicing the Drilling Industry

Zeefax Limited has been servicing the Drilling industry for almost four decades and is now the only remaining British manufacturer of SCR Systems, as well as DC and AC drive Power Control Systems for both off-shore and land based drilling rigs, platforms, and marine vessels.

Our team of Product Development and Field Service Engineers own an extensive knowledge base of information and specification for the current fleet of Hill Graham Controls (HGC) systems around the world, as well as Ross Hill Controls (RHC) systems, and we are able to provide a complete service of maintenance and support including:-

  • Supply of all printed circuit boards (PCBs), components and spare parts
  • Supply and Repair of all AC and DC Control Modules, and PCBs
  • Supply and Repair of all Marine DC Modules
  • Manufacture and Supply of new digital AC AutoSync Modules
  • Manufacture and Supply of new digital DDC Modules
  • Repair and service of Hill Graham DDC and DFC modules
  • Engineered solutions to complex drilling issues

For all Hill Graham products and manufactured components, Zeefax is the Worldwide supplier, and provides a host of other Drilling services including:-

  • Field Service Engineering, Maintenance and Troubleshooting
  • SCR System Upgrades and Refurbishments
  • New build SCR systems – DC and VFD Systems
  • Marine DC – Propulsion and Pumping – Repair and Calibrate
  • Repair and supply of all AC and DC Modules
  • Repair of EGIII – Advanced AutoSync Module
  • AF (Adjustable Frequency) – Variable Speed AC Drive – Repair and Refurbishing (new Power Supply)
  • Supply of all original spare parts and PCBs
  • GE752 Motor Refurbishments
  • SCR and PLC Training Courses for Electrical Engineers