SCR Power Control Systems

SCR Training Simulator

The Zeefax Training Simulator is the world’s first full-size, fully-functional, fully-operational Drilling SCR Training Simulator, which has been designed with the full functionality of the real SCR.

  • Motor Control Panels under construction in our factory

  • Driller's Control Panel inside the training simulator house

  • The full size training simulator house leaving our factory

  • Completer Motor Control Panels inside the training simulator house

  • Computer Control panel inside training simulator house

  • Computer generated reports and faults, and SCR power equipment

Every Drilling Rig must have a Power Control Room – sometimes also known as an SCR (standing for Silicon Controlled Rectifier) System – which forms the functional heart of the power control of the drilling operations. Typically, SCR systems comprise a large steel room, inside of which will be a range of Motor Control Centres, Engine & Generator Controls, SCR Control cubicles, and other instruments and systems used for drilling purposes.

SCR Systems usually operate at 600V, and clearly, these systems can be extremely dangerous if not operated correctly and carefully by suitably trained operators. It is therefore vital that drilling engineers and operators are well trained using a combination of class room tuition and on-the-job training.

In response to this need, Zeefax have created the world’s first full size SCR Training Simulator, which accurately mimics the a real SCR; it looks and feels like the real thing, providing a realistic experience of live field operations – but without the dangerous high voltage. This system was created specifically for Naftogaz – for more details, click here.

A key feature of the simulator is the addition of the on-board computer system, which mimics all of the signals that would normally come into this SCR system from the live engines and generators, including the motors running the mud pumps, the rotary table or the Drawworks, etc. and can also simulate a wide range of known faults, allowing trainees to experience first hand problem solving in the safety of the simulator, before they experience the live system.

Learn more about this full size training simulator – click here