SCR Power Control Systems

GE752 Motor Refurbishment

As part of our maintenance and service offerings, Zeefax is able to offer a full maintenance, repair and refurbishment service for GE752 Motors.

  • Used Motors Requiring Repair and Refurbishment

  • Repaired & Factory Refurbished Motors

  • Damaged and Tarnished Electrical Connections

  • Fully Refurbished Termination Box

  • Severely Deteriorated Commutators

  • Refurbished & Shiny Commutators

Zeefax is an established global supplier of high-quality and reliable electrical and mechanical engineering services. As part of the complete service we provide to the industry, we carry out repair and maintenance of all GE752 Motors, including:

  • Armature re-winds and replacement
  • Field re-winds and replacement
  • Connection box refurbishment
  • Replace supervisory sensors
  • Bearing replacement
  • Commutator refurbishment
  • Clean and Paint