SCR Power Control Systems

SCR Training Course Program

Below is a summary of the topics covered during our standard SC training courses. However, we are willing to discuss customer or system specific training requirements and can provide customised courses if required.

Day 1

Basics of Rectification – Diode Operation, Testing a Diode, Single Phase Bridge, Three Phase SCR bridge, SCR Rectification, Testing an SCR, SCR Failure Modes, SCR Protection (snubbers)

SCR DC Motor Control – DC Motors, Voltage Feedback, Current Feedback, Control Loops, DC Module Electronics

Day 2

Generators – Exciter Control, Actuator Control, AC Module Electronics

Practical – ‘Oscilloscope Training’ and ‘Module testing using Oscilloscope’

Day 3

SCR System Logic – Assignment, SCR Control Circuits, Logic Indicators, Purge Cycles and Remote Auxiliaries, Troubleshooting, Passive Field Supply, Active Field Supply, Mud Pump Active Load Sharing

Practical – ‘Changing a Thyristor Puck’ and ‘Using a fault finding simulator’

Day 4

SCR System Circuits – Power Limit, Driller’s Console, Sprocket Slip, AC Ground Fault Detection, DC Ground Fault Detection, Dynamic Braking, Regenerative Braking, Surge Suppression, Schematic Drawings

Q&A Session

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