SCR Power Control Systems

GE Legacy Drive Systems

GE Oil Field SCR Systems 

Generation III

1970-1980’s….1800amp SCR Bays. They used a newer Woodward/Basler Generator control, as well as a different SCR Drive Control System. 

Micro Drill 1500

Used the same type SCR bridge as the Generation III, but rated at only 1200-1500 amp since the heat sink assembly is of a slightly different design. This system uses the GE generator GEM modules controls. 

Micro Drill 3000

1980’s, 900amp. SCR bridges using the GE GEM Generator Control. As the bridges are small it requires two SCR bays to run a two-motor Mud Pump or Drawworks. 

EGR (Engine Generator Regulator)

The newer GE generator controls out in the 1990’s is the EGR control. It is a direct replacement for the GEM module – see EGR page.