SCR Power Control Systems

Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs)

Zeefax is able to identify Hill Graham or Ross Hill Controls parts from their original part number, and can provide suitable equivalents where available.

  • The New Digital DDC Board

  • Traditional DC Module Main Control Board

  • 6 Channel SCR Firing Board

Re-engineered circuits boards

Where an exact replacement is not available due to limited supply or obsolescence, Zeefax can re-engineer an alternative or recommend a suitable equivalent.

Through our in-house R&D, we are developing improved specification products as replacements for legacy Hill Graham Controls or Ross Hill Controls boards; we can provide original replacements for many of the PCBs used on these systems, and by using modern techniques and components, we can even improve on some of the design features of the original products to enhance reliability and functionality.

This means that equipment manufactured up to 30 years ago is still fully supported by Zeefax, and can continue to provide a return on investment well beyond the normal life expectancy.