SCR Power Control Systems

SCR Spare Parts

Zeefax has forged relationships with many of the worlds leading industrial equipment suppliers and, together with it's own technical and manufacturing capabilities, can supply or manufacture a wide range of spare parts for Ross Hill Controls (RHC), Hill Graham Controls (HGC), GE Micro Drill and Baylor SCR systems.

Spare Parts

We are able to identify and supply Hill Graham (HGC) and Ross Hill (RHC) parts from their original part number, and can provide suitable replacements for parts which have become obsolete.

AC & DC Control Modules

Using our unique parts database, we can supply exact parts or replacements for your Hill Graham or Ross Hill systems.

Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs)

Through our in-house R&D, Zeefax is developing improved specification products as pin-for-pin replacements for legacy Hill Graham and Ross Hill type technology.

Thyristors, Diodes and Fuses

Advancements in technology mean that many of the power semi-conductors which were built in SCR systems 30 years ago, have been superseded by devices with better specifications.

Repair and Calibration

Zeefax can repair and calibrate AC and DC control modules and PCBs from Hill Graham and Ross Hill including Power Limit, Field Supply Regulator, Sprocket Slip, Drillers Console, DC Auxiliary, SCR Auxiliary and Generator Exciter PCBs.