SCR Power Control Systems

Motors & Generators

Zeefax works with some of the world's leading manufacturers of Electric Motors and Generators, and we can supply a broad selection of Motors ranging from ¼ HP to machines exceeding 30,000 HP.


  • High Torque DC Motors ranging in size from 7.5 HP up to 35,000 HP
  • AC induction motors, also with Thermalasatic Epoxy Insulation
  • Horizontal & Vertical Squirrel Cage Induction Motors
  • Induction Motors for pumps
  • Synchronous motors ranging in size from 500 HP up to 30,000 HP
  • Oil well pump motors
  • Open Drip-Proof Motors
  • TEFC Motors ranging in size from 250 HP up to 1000 HP
  • Petroleum and Chemical Motors, designed for continuous operation or for long periods of inactivity in petrochemical plants.


  • Diesel generators for land rigs
  • Offshore and marine
  • Captive power systems
  • Governors and voltage regulators
  • Portable Power Control Rooms (PCRs)