Condition Monitoring Systems

Software Products & Services

Zeefax is a specialist system integrator - we provide fully integrated and guaranteed Solution Based Systems.

We have taken on the challenge of seamlessly combining diverse off-the-shelf products, often ‘glued’ together with in-house developed and sometimes customized software and hardware products. Each system is carefully designed, integrated and tested to meet the individual wants and needs of each customer, to provide a single, guaranteed system.

Customer driven software product and tool development

Zeefax has been providing Data Acquisition Systems (DAS) and solutions for more than 20 years, and in that time, we have created numerous software tools and products, ranging from the widely used and well specified PowerPAC™ Data Acquisition software, to various data analysis and display tools, open architecture data exchange drivers and advanced mathematical solvers, each one carefully designed and developed to meet the specific needs of individual users and applications.

Zeefax Software Products Summary


Highly regarded and widely used data acquisition product, ideal for performing complex plant analysis, including performance, efficiency and emissions indexes.


Database Management and Data Analysis Tool for use with the VM600 online vibration protection and condition monitoring systems installed by Zeefax.


S-Net Programming, Acquisition and Data translation tool for use with Isolated Measurement Pods and the 35954U S-Net-to-USB interface module.


A range of industry standard data translation and interface drivers, including OPC and MODBUS. Custom drivers can be developed to suit other instruments and standards.


Zeefax has created advanced mathematical solvers which can be fully customized to suit individual operational needs, including steam tables, statistical functions and trigonometric functions, as well as more complex plant wide performance and efficiency analysis for power stations.

Modern Development Tools and Environments

By using the latest software development environment and adhering to the newest communication and data sharing techniques and specifications, we ensure that plant data is delivered to the right place, in the right format and in good time.

In any system created and installed by Zeefax, good data is the key to making the right operational or maintenance decisions, and therefore data must be made available and displayed in such a way as to be quickly assimilated by the user. Once acquired and validated, data can be displayed on fully customized mimic displays in PowerPAC™ or it can be shared across the organization in industry standard formats, including OPC and MODBUS, and made available for analysis and reporting using standard software tools and sheets.

PowerPAC™ – Power-Packed™ Data Acquisition Software and Solutions

PowerPAC™ is an advanced Data Acquisition and Display software product, designed to meet the exacting requirements expected from modern Data Acquisition systems. The many configurable features and comprehensive on-line analysis capabilities – including general Plant Condition Monitoring, Turbine Performance Monitoring, Balance-of-Plant and Emissions Monitoring – make it ideal for use in Process, Power and Petrochemical plants, but it is equally at home in the laboratory or for specialist research applications.