Condition Monitoring Systems

VM600 TSI Systems

Zeefax are proud to provide Turbine Supervisory Systems incorporating the VM600 integrated Protection and Condition Monitoring System from VibroMeter / Meggitt

  • The MPC-4 card provides API670 compliant protection

  • The IOC-4T provides input connection and signal conditioning for MPC-4

  • XMV-16 Multi-channel vibration analysis card

  • XIO-16 multi-channel input conditioning card for XMV-16

  • RPS-6U Rack power supply - AC, DC and redundant options available

  • Standard 5U x 19 inch Eurorack mounting

  • CPU-M Rack based central processor

  • IOC-N Network card, with redundant communications options

The VM600 System from VibroMeter

The VM600 System from the VibroMeter division of Meggitt Sensing Systems inc. (MSSi) is a computerized online Vibration Analysis and Condition Monitoring solution for both critical and non-critical rotating machinery, and is used for early identification of developing machine faults, optimizing performance and improving maintenance planning. It typically forms the field data interface and central processing hub of our fully engineered systems.

This fully integrated total monitoring system offers a powerful combination of dynamic and static measurement capability, designed to meet the requirements (API670) for protection and monitoring of large turbo machinery. It is therefore perfectly suited for use in power generating stations featuring large steam or gas turbine units, and also for protection and analysis of critical plant items in and around petrochemical and process installations. Based on a VME backplane, the system incorporates a range of machinery functions, including full protection and shut-down as well as multichannel condition monitoring and diagnostic capabilities.

It is also worth noting that the VM600 is scalable, and allows simultaneous monitoring of multiple machines within a single system, and therefore it is as much at home for monitoring numerous smaller, perhaps less critical, plant items, in conjunction with or side-by-side with any major plant items.

Key Features

  • Modern state of the art online machinery vibration monitoring and analysis solutions.
  • Online vibration and trend analysis enables early identification of developing faults.
  • Condition based maintenance program reduces unscheduled downtime and improves materials and resource planning.
  • Applications include large steam turbines, and associated pumps, compressors and fans.