Condition Monitoring Systems

System Engineering & Services

Benefit from our Power, Process and Industrial sector experience.

  • Zeefax provide value added supervisory systems to power and process plants

  • Systems are carefully designed and documented

  • Sensors often require customized mounting bracketry

  • Eddy probe calibration curves are provided to ensure accuracy and repeatability

  • Differential expansion probes mounted to view a convex ramp

  • Radial vibration probes monitoring a spherical bearing

  • Comprehensive drawings packages are provided to simplify support and maintenance

  • Surface mounted radial vibration probes with dual redundancy

  • Single or Dual sensor probe holders can be customized to suit the prevailing conditions

  • System documentation is layered all the way up to the Local area network

  • Isolated Measurement Pods provide a system for measuring hard to acquire parameters

  • Sliding carriage sensor holders allow fine adjustment and positioning of probes

  • Detailed wiring installation drawings are provided

  • Cabinets and Cubicles are carefully made and tested prior to dispatch

Zeefax has gained a world of experience working in the power, process and industrial sectors in the UK, America and around the world, and we are able to share this valuable experience with you.

By forging strategic technical alliances with leading equipment manufacturers from around the globe, we are able to provide a full turn-key design and build service for advanced state-of the-art monitoring systems.

We are also happy to help and advise on a wide range of topics to do with system integration, component selection and assessment, condition monitoring, machinery maintenance strategies, training and long term support programs.

  • Machinery Analysis Consultation
  • Review and evaluation of acquired data
  • Machine Condition Reports and Recommendations
  • System Configuration and Reporting
  • Probe Calibrating and Setting
  • Turbine Supervisory Parameter setting

Probe Calibration, Supply and Repair

  • Regular probe calibration and re-calibration is vital to the long term operational success of every system.
  • The sensor or transducer is one of the most important parts of any system, and sadly, it is often the part which is neglected in the rush to meet outage dealines and close a unit following overhaul or outage.
  • Regular probe calibration, assessment and/or repair will ensure continued fault free operation, not only of the probes themselves, but also of the systems which they feed.
  • Bad data in – bad reports out !

Training and Education

Zeefax Academy

  • Zeefax provide a range of training and education support services, directed at optimizing the benefits – both operational and financial – which may be derived from any systems provided by us.
  • For each installed system, the training is fully customized to suit the actual installation, and will concentrate on the system specific components and software tools.
  • We also provide generic background training in basic vibration, machinery diagnostics and software use.