Condition Monitoring Systems


IMPVIEW® for Windows™ is an easy to use OPC/MODBUS Server for use with Solartron IMPs and the 35954U SNet-to-USB interface module.

Zeefax has introduced a new software product to accompany the 35954U SNet-to-USB interface, and have branded it using the established IMPView® name, which was originally owned and used by Solartron, and which is now owned by Zeefax under the technology transfer agreement recently completed between Zeefax and Mobrey.

The new IMPView® for Windows™ is a configuration, test and data transfer tool designed to allow both existing users and those intending to install new Isolated Measurement Pod (IMP) based data acquisition networks, to use IMPs with modern processor technology. It also includes data sharing and translation using industry standard data protocols – including OPC and MODBUS – to external historians and data collectors.

The new IMPView® supports multiple 35954U modules units into multiple USB ports on a single machine, thereby providing a device for consolidation, manipulation and re-transmission of a combination of acquired data from multiple existing – or new – S-Net networks.

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