Condition Monitoring Systems

IMP Software Options

Zeefax has been associated with the IMP system since the original launch by Solartron in the early 1980s, and since that time, we have designed, configured and installed a large number of Operator Information Systems (OIS) in a range of industrial environments – including power, process and heavy metals.

The IMP system was originally designed for installation in robust industrial environments without any additional protection and this has proven to be a major and unique selling point over the years, making the installation quick, easy and cost effective for the thousands of companies and locations around the world which still have them installed.

Following our acquisition of the S-Net/IMP system and the subsequent re-launch, Zeefax is now able to offer new manufactured products from the range, and we have plans to release more in the future.

A key and important element of any system is the design and selection of products and sub-systems, including sensors, signal conditioning modules, communication and display products. As a system integrator, Zeefax have gained a wealth of experience in configuring and implementing complex systems where no one product was available to meet the need.

In any system, the most visible part is the operator display, and Zeefax have invested years of development into creating software products and modules to meet the diverse needs and wants of our customers. The result of this can be seens in the two flagship software products – PowerPAC and the new IMPView described here.