Condition Monitoring Systems

SNet Communications

The SNet communications system, originally developed by Solartron Instruments, is a high speed digital communications network acting as the interface between the Isolated Measurement Pods (IMP) and the host computer.

The SNet is a high speed industrial digital communications network, performing three main functions for the IMP network; not only does it provide parameter setting and control, but it handles all data transfer back to the host computer and the single twisted pair network is also used to provide energisation power to all the pods on the network.

A single SNet segment can be up to 1 mile (1.5 km) long and up to 50 IMP/IMCs can be multi-dropped at any location along its length.

The SNet provides excellent noise rejection with transparent error correction, and the cable requires only two conductors, giving ultra-low cost installation and maintenance.

Two SNet interface options are available; the 35954C Interface card and the 35954U interface module; please click the options opposite for more details.