Condition Monitoring Systems

Calibration and Repair

As well as providing a single source for all your transducer and instrumentation needs, Zeefax also provides a range of support and after sales services aimed at maintaining the health and integrity of  Machine Health Monitoring and Turbine Supervisory systems.

These services are not only available to existing customers to whom we may have sold complete systems, but also to any instrumentation user who may require support and assistance from time to time with eddy probe and sensor calibration, parameter setting, fault finding and replacement.

We believe that the most important parts of any system are the transducers, and that they should be maintained and checked periodically to ensure continued good calibration and operation.

To this end, Zeefax provide a periodic re-calibration, repair and replacement service, intended to ensure that the most important part of any system – the probes – remain in good working order.