Condition Monitoring Systems

IMP Features Summary


IMP/IMCs offer accurate, high precision (16-bit) measurements with excellent noise immunity and common mode isolation, even in areas of high electrical interference and vibration. Built-in facilities enhance measurements on thermocouples, PRTs and strain gauges.


With an operating temperature range of -20°C to+70°C (-4°F to +158°F) even at 95% humidity, and a rugged housing meeting IP55 / NEMA 4standards, IMPs are built to work under harsh conditions – whether your plant is hot, dirty, cold or wet – or all four!


Installing the 2-wire multidrop communications network called the S-Net, couldn’t be simpler, and modifications can be made in minutes. IMP/IMCs can be rapidly added or removed when required, without the need for extensive rewiring, and systems can range from just a single IMP/IMC on a single S-Net network up to multiple networks with many thousands of channels.

Cost effective…

IMP/IMCs contain everything you require for precise, reliable data acquisition. What you get is all you need – there’s no necessity for expensive signal conditioning, filters, amplifiers, transducer wiring, vibration mounts, environmental packaging, special power supplies or expensive network hardware.

There are no hidden costs with IMPs!


blue_triangle_bullet_1  Integral Signal Conditioning

blue_triangle_bullet_1  16 bit ADC

blue_triangle_bullet_1  S-Net communications and power to host

blue_triangle_bullet_1  Built-in sensor energization

blue_triangle_bullet_1  Detachable connector block

blue_triangle_bullet_1  NEMA 4 / IP55 case (IMP only)

blue_triangle_bullet_1  dc voltage, current, temperature

blue_triangle_bullet_1  Direct connection to thermocouples or PRTs