Condition Monitoring Systems

Sensors and Instruments

Zeefax is your single source for the right hardware to form the building blocks of an accurate and reliable Data Acquisition and Condition Monitoring System.

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The quality of a monitoring system lies in the accuracy and reliability of the measurements, and at Zeefax, we believe that you only ever get quality data out of a system if you put quality signals in to a system. Therefore, selection of the right transducer or sensor is paramount to the success of a system.

Reliability Begins with Accurate Signals

We supply the best Transducer and Sensor solutions, carefully selected to fit each application and intended to measure almost any type of machinery parameter, such as vibration, position, rotational speed, temperature, casing growth, rotor bow, valve position etc.

Transducer systems supplied by Zeefax will typically include all of the items necessary to complete the installation.

We can supply:-

  • Transducers and Sensors, including such as
    • Thermocouples
    • RTDs
    • Proximity Probes / Eddy Current Probes
    • Velocity Transducers
    • Accelerometers
    • Valve Position Transducers / LVDTs
    • Case Expansion Transducers
    • Dynamic Power Transducers
  • Cabling Systems
    • Customized cabling and connection systems, either standard or designed and manufactured by Zeefax to meet the specific needs and wants of the actual installation.
  • Junction and Marshaling boxes
    • Designed and built to meet the needs of the system, typically enclosing termination points, power supplies and other electronic modules needed for the system to operate correctly and reliably.
  • Signal Conditioners
    • Depending on the selection of sensors used and on the environment into which the components will be installed, additional signal conditioning, galvanic isolation or monitoring instrumentation may be included.