More about the Isolated Measurement Pods

A bare board version is also available called the Isolated Measurement Card (IMC); up to 14 may be housed into the 5U rack, providing a very high density monitoring solution.

DSC_6392 - small

Each IMP/IMC is multi-dropped onto a low cost twisted pair cable network, carrying control commands and power to each IMP, and then carrying acquired data back to a host computer. The host computer, which is fitted with a special interface comprising either a PCI S-Net card (35954C) or a USB-to-S-Net interface (35954U), controls all of the IMP/IMCs and stores and displays the measured data where it is needed. Data sharing techniques are employed to enable acquired plant data to be displayed where it is needed – in the control room, on the shop floor, or at any other strategic location.


The IMP/IMC system gives you precisely the information you need to control and monitor your plant, with maximum reliability, maximum flexibility and at very competitive cost.

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