General Spares & Trading

As an OEM we recognise the importance of product quality and a prompt and efficient response time to our clients. For over 40 years, Zeefax has been a procurement specialist for products and services to the largest customers around the World.

Zeefax has a dedicated team of multi-lingual staff; with decades of bespoke sourcing experience, ready for the unexpected and anticipating the diversified needs of our customers. We have the knowledge and the experience to meet the needs of a range of  industries, including Oil and Gas, Petrochemical, Power Generation, Mining, Construction and Marine Industries. 

We forge unique alliances with many of the world’s major manufacturers, to supply their products and spare parts. Our services cover a complete and holistic supply chain service that includes logistics, warehousing and delivery to any part of the World.

At Zeefax, we believe we are a reflection of our customers’ needs and requirements. Our commitment to providing first class service to meet those needs has resulted in over four decades of continued success and business model expansion.

If you have an enquiry for any spares, please send us a message

20 Channel Digital Input/Output card

Part No: 35302B

Quantity: 3

20 Channel High Voltage Solid State input card. (3535D only)

Part No: 35351C

Quantity: 16

20 Channel Isothermal Input connector (3535D only)

Part No: 35353C

Quantity: 3

20 Channel Reed Relay Card input card

Part No: 35301A

Quantity: 64

20 Channel Solid State input card

Part No: 35301B

Quantity: 23

20 Channel Standard Input connecter

Part No: 35303A

Quantity: 20

20 Channel Status/Event input card

Part No: 35302A

Quantity: 32

5 Channel Analog output card

Part No: 35301E

Quantity: 12

5 Channel Counter Timer input card

Part No: 35302C

Quantity: 12


A/M Unit W/R1 XFR

Part No: 7510E29G02
Zeefax Ref: ZS0103

Quantity: 2

ASIRobicon (Siemens) 1200A Perfect Harmony Cell Bypass Contactor

Part No: 10000070.00
Zeefax Ref: UK10000070.00

Quantity: 10


Dash Pot Pen Assy

Part No: 01B46025B01
Zeefax Ref: ZS0104

Quantity: 20

EATON Corp. Meter Module

Part No: 3MM512C2BC
Zeefax Ref: ZS0203

Quantity: 2

ELECTROSWITCH Ammeter Selector Switch

Part No: 3110C
Zeefax Ref: ZS0207

Quantity: 3

ELECTROSWITCH Voltmeter Selector Switch.

Part No: 3104C
Zeefax Ref: ZS0206

Quantity: 3

ERICO cream M10 x 35mm steel Halogen Free, Glass Reinforced Polyester Insulator

Part No: 551490
Zeefax Ref: Z511

Quantity: 1200

ERICO cream M10 x 40mm steel Halogen Free, Glass Reinforced Polyester Insulator

Part No: 551520
Zeefax Ref: Z512

Quantity: 1800

ERICO cream M10 x 50mm steel Halogen Free, Glass Reinforced Polyester Insulator

Part No: 551590
Zeefax Ref: Z513

Quantity: 1300

FALK (REXNORD) Flanged Coupling Sleeve 1025

Part No: 0744983
Zeefax Ref: ZS0215

Quantity: 2

Fast Serial interface

Part No: 35304B

Quantity: 9

GPIB Interface

Part No: 35304A

Quantity: 17

INDUSTRIAL TIMER CO, 60min, 120V, 60Hz timer.

Part No: 830154-021
Zeefax Ref: ZS0209

Quantity: 1


Input Card

Part No: 1500D76G02
Zeefax Ref: ZS0101

Quantity: 1

MARATHON, 0.5HP, 575V, 3Phase, 60Hz AC Motor

Part No: 056T17D2118
Zeefax Ref: ZS0200

Quantity: 5


Mechanical Setpoint Assy

Part No: 1731B15G01
Zeefax Ref: ZS0105

Quantity: 24

PAULUHN Marine Brass Plug

Part No: 5-15PP
Zeefax Ref: ZS0201

Quantity: 50

PAULUHN Plug, 20A, 125V

Part No: 420-4PP
Zeefax Ref: ZS0202

Quantity: 50


Part No: KRP-11DG-110
Zeefax Ref: ZS0208

Quantity: 3


Power Supply PCB

Part No: 7510E84G02
Zeefax Ref: ZS0102

Quantity: 1

SCHNEIDER (SQUARE D) 100A, 600V Circuit Breaker.

Part No: FAL-36100-1212
Zeefax Ref: ZS0204

Quantity: 4

SCHNEIDER NSX400 400A, 800V Circuit Breaker

Part No: LV432777
Zeefax Ref: ZS0205

Quantity: 1


Servo Drive Amplifier

Part No: 1500D82G01
Zeefax Ref: ZS0100

Quantity: 5

Solartron Orion Data Logger

Part No: 3531D

Quantity: 7

Solartron Scorpio Data Logger

Part No: 3535D

Quantity: 4

Solartron Slave Unit for 3531D & 3535D

Part No: 3530E

Quantity: 4

Transducer Energisation Module (Orion data logger only)

Part No: 35301D

Quantity: 26

Transducer Energisation Module (Scorpio data logger only)

Part No: 35351D

Quantity: 7

WESTINGHOUSE: Black, Oiltight, Pushbutton Operator

Part No: OT2D1
Zeefax Ref: ZS0214

Quantity: 11

YOKOGAWA Panel Meter,
0-150A DC

Part No: 255-324-ECPZ
Zeefax Ref: ZS0212

Quantity: 2

YOKOGAWA Panel Meter,
0-200A DC

Part No: 255-324-ECRL
Zeefax Ref: ZS0213

Quantity: 2

YOKOGAWA Panel Meter,
0-50A AC

Part No: 251-340-LSNT
Zeefax Ref: ZS0210

Quantity: 5

YOKOGAWA Panel Meter,
0-75A AC

Part No: 251-340-LSPB
Zeefax Ref: ZS0211

Quantity: 2