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SCR Training at the Zeefax Academy

The table below shows the detailed content and course schedule for the main SCR training course. In this course, we have tried to provide a broad spectrum of technical and operational information relating to the use and maintenance of a typical SCR system.

The course includes detailed discussion and functional analysis of the various electronic circuits, and therefore we strongly recommend that course delegates have some prior knowledge of electronics and electrical engineering.

The course is ideal for rig electrical maintenance and support engineers, who also have some prior knowledge of the workings of the installed SCR system, although it is also of great value as an introduction for those engineers who may be new to SCR systems.

Moving forward, it is hoped that the course will provide clarity and insight, enabling the rig engineers to better support and maintain their systems, thereby improving the reliability and ROI for the organisation.

Day 1

Basics of Rectification
Diode Operation
Single and Three phase circuits
SCR Rectification Principals
Single and Three Phase SCR Bridge
Testing a Diode
Testing an SCR
SCR Failure Modes
SCR Protection (snubbers)
Anatomy of an SCR Stack
Basic Electronics
DC Motor Control
The DC Module – Electronics Features and Functions
DC Motors
Auxiliary Circuits
           Voltage and Current Feedback Circuits
           Fault Protection Circuits
           Control Loops

Day 2

AC Generator Control
AC Module – Electronics Features and Functions
Exciter Control
Actuator Control
Oscilloscope Training
Module testing using O’Scope

Day 3

SCR System Logic
SCR Control Circuits
Logic Indicators
Purge Cycles and Remote Auxiliaries
Passive Field Supply
Active Field Supply
Mud Pump Active Load Sharing
Changing a Thyristor Puck
Using a fault finding simulator

Day 4

SCR System Circuits
Power Limit
Driller’s Console
Sprocket Slip
AC Ground Fault Detection
DC Ground Fault Detection
Dynamic Braking
Regenerative Braking
Surge Suppression
Schematic Drawings
Q&A Session

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