More about IMPView®

blue_triangle_bullet_1 Detect and Program the IMP

A full featured SNet and IMP programming and testing toolkit is incorporated into the software, including the ‘auto-detect’ function, which will search the SNet, and will find and will automatically allocate any IMPs found.

blue_triangle_bullet_1 Dual Function Server Software

The dual function software includes both an OPC server and a MODBUS/TCP slave for data exchange with other like minded devices using the industry standard TCP/IP protocol.

A full range of data formats is available and is user configurable, including both 16 and 32 bit signed and unsigned formats, and the IEEE4 – 32 bit floating point option.

blue_triangle_bullet_1 S-Net to USB Interface

The 35954U Interface is operable with any host computer fitted with a USB compatible interface, and has been designed to replace the older style slot-in card interfaces (35954A, 35954B and 35954C) originally designed for use with the IMPs.

The 35954U Interface is 100% compatible with existing S-Net networks, and  following installation of basic software device drivers, allows the host computer to communicate with up to 50 IMPs via the S-Net cable.

In the same way as the original cards, the 35954U provides all of the hardware and timing controls, error checking and data protocols necessary for reliable communication between the host computer and the S-Net network.

blue_triangle_bullet_1 Share the data

The new IMPVIEW® for Windows 7 is designed to enable users of an almost limitless range of software tools and devices to access data from the IMP system using standard communications, commands and protocols, including OPC and MODBUS.

To compliment and complete the system, IMPVIEW® is also designed to communicate with PowerPAC™ software, which can provide data acquisition, data manipulation and storage, and a  fully configurable graphical user interface with a wide range of display types, ideally suited for power and process applications of all types.

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