More about Hydro Turbine Monitoring


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Important Hydro Turbine Parameters….

  • Dual plane bearing vibration
  • Bearing temperature
  • Thrust bearing oil film thickness
  • Thrust bearing temperature
  • Rotor air gap
  • Winding temperature
  • Head cover/draft tube vibration

Hydro Turbine monitoring is one of the core applications for the VM600 system from Vibro-Meter, and this advanced all digital system specifically includes a range of features and tools designed to help the Hydro Turbine operator to manage and target maintenance activities on a day-to-day basis.

For Pumped Storage units, subject to multiple starts and stops each day, a carefully engineered VM600 system, with a once per rev speed pulse, can be used to separate the Generating data from the Pumping data within the database. This makes analysis and diagnostics of the two distinctly different machine characteristics very simple in the post installation period, and the fully configurable graphical user interface (GUI) can be used to provide the unit operators with a comprehensive dynamic view of the plant and its many components.

Using the VM600 system, a wide range of Hydro Turbine / Generator parameters can be acquired and monitored. Protection is provided by the 4-channel API670 compliant Machine Protection Card (MPC-4) and comprehensive condition monitoring and analysis is provided by the 16-channel Condition Monitoring Card (CMC-16). Display and analysis of the acquired data is provided by the Condition Monitoring Software (CMS) and the whole package can be designed, manufactured, installed and supported by Zeefax according to the requirements and needs of the specific customer and application.

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