More about the 35954U Interface


SNet to Computer interface


The IMP/IMC system has a long pedigree and an enviable reputation for reliability, with many thousands of units installed throughout the world.

For existing IMP/IMC users who wish to or who need to update their host computer systems, a range of interface options are available, consisting of the re-engineered 35954C PCI bus adaptor card and the 35954U SNet-to-USB interface.

These two provide a choice for both existing and new IMP system users who wish to take advantage of modern processor technology, whilst still retaining the use of the excellent IMP / SNet system.

35954U Interface


The SNet-to-USB interface unit, designated the 35954U, is designed to allow users of more modern processor technology, including Laptops fitted with universal interface bus technology, to continue to take full advantage of the robust and well proven IMP/IMC based data acquisition technology.


For established SNet users, the 35954U eliminates the need to replace existing IMP/IMCs and SNet networks, and enables the S-Net to be used with any computer with a USB interface connection. Furthermore, all connections to and from the existing S-Net networks are identical to existing systems (using 9 pin DIN as shown below) and therefore no wiring changes are necessary, making change over quick and simple.

The front panel of the 35954U supports the USB type B connector (USBv2.0) and the 4 status LEDs, which confirm correct operation..


The rear panel of the 35954U supports the two 9 pin DIN connectors for S-Net power (24-48 volts) and USB communications. These connections are fully compatible with existing S-Net installations making the process of updating existing installations simple indeed.


Connection between the computer and the 35954U is by USB cable.

From that point, the wiring to the IMP network conforms exactly to the S-Net requirements for cable type and length, and the 35954U may be positioned at the end of the cable, or centrally to meet individual needs


For new users, this module provides the opportunity to incorporate the amazing Isolated Measurement Pods into their thoroughly modern Data Acquisition regime.

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